Parquet & Laminate, product ranges

Whether new construction, modernization or renovation: High-quality parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring are your customers for decades to feet. Raab Karcher holds only the best Dekoholz- and laminate products for you – qualitative, environmental and commercial aspects. Careful selection and a firm foundation is particularly important. Therefore we advise you, even before you design interiors. A tip: wood surfaces in the bathroom, see more and more friends among your customers.
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Clothing combine: Thanks to this styling tips you never stand helpless in front of wardrobe!

How much life we ​​women fritter it, as if rooted to stand in front of our closet, because we do not know what to wear. Starting today, you can use your time meaningful: We tell you combine clothes for the best tips and tricks!
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More information on the service management of property management

The residential property management is a more than decades important core competence of our company group. This is characterized, inter alia, to by the fact that most owners’ associations are managed and cared for over 20 years. Even result all new business on the basis of recommendations of our existing customers.
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Tips for buying a pair of jeans

Look around, they are everywhere: shops, schools, shopping malls, clubs and even some employers use them on Casual Fridays. The popularity of jeans never falls and last but not least, when used correctly, radiate an aura of style and personality. Jeans are a registered in any man’s wardrobe (old or young, married or single, student or professional) brand.
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Which hardness mattress is right?

You must decide for yourself. Because the manufacturers provide at each mattress on although whether this hard, semi-hard or soft. However, these figures are not subject standard. That is, each producer defined “hard” different. In principle, people who are slightly heavier, choose a harder mattress. But “this is too hard, they roll around at night more around and sleep worse,” Dr. Peter Geisler, director of the sleep medicine center at the District Hospital Regensburg are to remember. Are you a more slender type, usually a softer sleeping mat is more suitable for you. But here too problems may arise: “With too soft mattress, the spine flexes, which can cause back pain,” says Geisler. therefore you have no choice, as the mattress in the store to try and go to your feeling. The sleep specialist recommends: “Go into a shop where you will receive professional advice and have the right to exchange the mattress after a few days.”
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For shopping fans, Dubai has a lot to offer.

# 1 desert trip and picnic under the stars
We were picked up by a driver with a jeep and after that we drove for about 1 hour through the desert. There waited 2 Camels on us. After a camel ride through the desert incl. Some explanations of culture, we stopped. At us already waited a beautifully landscaped picnic area in Arabic style. The dinner in the dunes at sunset and stargazing was unbschreiblich. After 7 hours in the desert, we drove back to the hotel.
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