The main priority of our experts in furniture

It is choosing the right style for your company in terms of budget and functionality.

In any workspace center are furniture pieces that make up the physical elements of the interior. Our team of experts will support office furniture in choosing the best parts workspace and finds the perfect balance of cost, aesthetics, flexibility and durability.
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Every company needs a variety of industrial doors

The doors we sell unite many qualities – security, protection against adverse climatic conditions, external design vision, etc. The market will find a large number of models of all types of industrial doors, who you choose is your choice based on the requirements for specific types industrial zone.
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Guide to choosing the right mattress

The key to a good nights sleep is primarily choosing the right mattress. A poor quality mattress or simply chosen the wrong one cause discomfort, rest or even problems with the spine pains. On the other hand, a quality mattress, suitable to your needs, can help lower the level of stress (if you sleep in a comfortable position, we have more chances to rest and restful sleep can translate into a state of appropriate health).
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Parquet & Laminate, product ranges

Whether new construction, modernization or renovation: High-quality parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring are your customers for decades to feet. Raab Karcher holds only the best Dekoholz- and laminate products for you – qualitative, environmental and commercial aspects. Careful selection and a firm foundation is particularly important. Therefore we advise you, even before you design interiors. A tip: wood surfaces in the bathroom, see more and more friends among your customers.
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Clothing combine: Thanks to this styling tips you never stand helpless in front of wardrobe!

How much life we ​​women fritter it, as if rooted to stand in front of our closet, because we do not know what to wear. Starting today, you can use your time meaningful: We tell you combine clothes for the best tips and tricks!
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More information on the service management of property management

The residential property management is a more than decades important core competence of our company group. This is characterized, inter alia, to by the fact that most owners’ associations are managed and cared for over 20 years. Even result all new business on the basis of recommendations of our existing customers.
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