The leading battery shop with the largest selection

You want quality battery buy online? Akku the battery specialist with the greatest bearing on Batteries, chargers and accessories. More than 25 years experience in battery: We know what you need. Whether tool, notebook or digital camera: With us you will find the right battery for each device. See for yourself the quality of our cheap batteries and take advantage of our short delivery times!
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The right pair of jeans for curvy women

Wide hips: To hide wide hips, the boyfriend jeans and boot cuts are perfect, because they play around the hips loose and not cut. If you have slender legs, do not hide them bare! Extending creases accentuate your best side and with 7/8 jeans you can hervorblitzen beautiful fetters. Light washes and rough denim fabric act however rather disadvantageous.
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Mattress thickness, resting zones, double bed: What to Consider?

Some types of mattresses have various relaxation areas. These areas have a different degree of hardness and should conform to the body optimally. Experts say that up to three zones are quite reasonable, but not more. Because on a mattress, consisting of six or eight deck areas, the Sleeping should not move virtually. In addition, height and weight would have exactly to the different hardness ranges fit.
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Reasons to learn foreign languages

career boost
Nowadays, it is almost essential to speak at least two languages, if you find a great job or the career ladder would climb. Applicants with broad language skills are in demand in all companies. Our world is becoming increasingly globalized and the big companies are mostly to international markets, which is why they expect their employees to be able to communicate with people around the world. One study has even shown that people often get very good foreign language skills a higher salary than those who do not have these skills. Interestingly, this was the same study, which states that make good foreign languages. So, success in business and love! What more do you want!
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Important rules of business etiquette

Speak your interlocutor with the academic title of, provided that one leads. While there are numerous academic titles, but in Germany, only carrier of a doctor or a professor title also be addressed with this. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. – How are you going to know how to address that person is? The rule is: Use only the highest title. Omitting You can edit the title, if it is offered to you by your interlocutor. By itself, you should not do that.
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How many languages can I learn at most?

There is no known maximum and different historical personalities to have been able to speak one or two dozen languages. On the other hand I was told by a psychologist that sab 15 languages ??is expected to increase the risk for schizophrenia – I have not managed to test this to confirm /. The best way to catch firstonce with the foreign language to which you want to learn next – and focus on the one – then you learn they usually faster that way.
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Size ratio: Spoilt for choice

In the choice of the window is important above all to the size. Daylight to flood the room and yet the privacy of the residents should be ensured. Rule of thumb: A window that 55 percent of the width of the room fills, provides sufficient lighting. The minimum quantity of light is achieved if the glass surface be at least 10 percent of the area of ​​the room.
Features a window at a glance
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How to find automotive locksmith

Many times consumed everyday and dynamics in life to forget some details haunt. This forget the keys of the house to the accident with the key nested in the chamber and even hlopnem the car door, and there remain only key that we have ignition can is a real shock for many people. That is why there are services Locksmithing. With locksmith services can easily save unnecessary embarrassment and unpleasant thing.
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Choose between single band and dual-band wireless router

Whether you equip your office or simply add Internet connectivity at home, as a user you probably have difficulty choosing the right wireless router for your needs. Very often, technical zhergon used could impede the process of choosing between individual routers and purchase the right one. When it comes to selecting single band or dual-band wireless router there are several factors to be taken into consideration and the decision always comes down to the specific needs such as office or home use, and of course price range.
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