Proper adjustments to airflow

The position of the indoor unit louvers must always be adjusted so as not to direct the air-conditioned air directly to a part of people. In winter, we adjust the blinds so that the air is low, while in the summer as high as possible, in order to achieve proper air distribution in the room. We always choose speed in the fan of the indoor machine that does not create strong currents in the room.

Position of indoor unit

Always place the indoor unit of the air conditioner in such a position that the air-conditioned air does not drop directly over us. We prefer to install it away from heat-generating appliances (eg heaters, electric kitchens) and away from windows to keep it off during the summer months. The end thermostat must be centrally located in the room away from heat sources and without direct sun exposure.
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Problems with the catalytic converter: the most common

The catalysts are in the exhaust system, between the engine and the muffler, and are one of the last lines of defense against air pollution by vehicles. They use ceramic balls and various precious metals to convert pollutants such as unburned gases and nitrogen oxides into harmless gases.

Catalytic converters – commonly known as catalytic converters – often last for 10 years or more, but can be damaged by the contamination of other substances by overlapping or overheating. In addition, metals can attract the attention of thieves: catalytic converters are often stolen due to precious metals inside. Converters have small amounts of platinum, rhodium and palladium, all of which value for metal traders.
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Red evening dress

Brunettes are the same as it is not a secret, really go all the shades of red, but as a luxurious velvet evening gown of colorful color, a furious New Year’s woman with a tan-like hair will attract the attention of absolutely all people. Yes, and the women who attend the holiday will certainly not be able to take away the beauty of admiration and envy of the eyes.

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See backpacks

Bags without rigid frame, which resembles its own shape of a bag, comes into the vogue. This combination of sporty and relaxed style casual love entrepreneurial women who have to find time tomorrow in a sports team and after dinner – for a seminar at the university. The big advantage of such models is their large capacity. The materials are again very different – like color solutions.

The combination of two contrasting styles – feminine and aggressive – is still popular and you can. A backpack with the most delicate pink colors, so smooth at first glance, is suddenly decorated with an abundance of rivets, pins and other accessories. Such eclecticism will continue to be relevant in several seasons.
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Automatic garage swing gates

Lifting and swinging doors are an excellent solution for installation in a garage or industrial building. Such a gate will be suitable for those who appreciate not only comfort, but also strength and reliability. Why do we call them lifting-turning?
The fact is that these automatic gates open in such a way that a monolithic (inflexible) steel structure (plate, collar) rises up in the garage or the door of the shop and turns to the ceiling at the same time.
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In such cases, a tutor can help, which will save many

It is a well-known fact that children argue with their parents, which, of course, can not but upset. Despite this, such disputes are fundamentally important for the development of the child, as this demonstrates their individuality and the desire to be independent. Sometimes friction occurs when the child is required, for example, to do something in addition to homework or read in addition to the main program.
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From what age you can use your baby scooter

The Scooter can be the best vehicle for a 4-year-old. On this, the child can not accelerate too much, which means that the risk of falling and injury is reduced to a minimum.
The child’s truth should be taught to look forward and to the side when he rides in the yard on this form of transport (not on wheels or underneath them). Then, in the case of a dangerous situation (for example, you face the risk of a bicycle or other children), the child will be enough to set foot in the direction of slowing down or just jumping off the scooter.
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Women’s clothing

Avoid clothing made with soft cloth. This only allocates unnecessary folds, which will accentuate the volume of the figurine. It is best to give preference to clothes placed on a figure of a fabric that retains a good shape.

If you need a clothing strap, then you prefer narrow straps, not too late.
Blouses, sweaters, blouses, shirts

Sometimes recommend: give up t-shirts and t-shirts with thin straps, it is better to choose short sleeve patterns, they distract attention from the chest. And why distract the attention of what is adorned with a feminine figure? The problem is not in the opening of the upper body, but in the fact that the belts are visually shortening the figure. But if a dress or sarafan is long in the floor, then this costume can be worn by ladies with any makeup.
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Such a model as a garment will also be an excellent solution for spring

However, the case of women should be worn with a more or less proportional figure because this variation can focus on the lack of excessively lush hips or projecting abdomen. But before you buy a clothes box, you should make sure that the right size is chosen because it is not allowed to pull the figure. And full of ladies is best to buy a dress of a semi-fitting kind.
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