Assemblies trendy jeans red

If you choose to create an ensemble with red pants, remember that it will be pants overall result of the main part. For this reason, everything in dress should be less eye-catching color and well in harmony with the chosen style pants.

One of the classic color schemes may be considered a combination of black and red. Burgundy-cut trousers complete with elegant black blouse and jacket cut short laconic tone blouses truly create a feminine image suitable for everyday life office. In this case, you should choose color and black pumps handbag, Satchel appropriate. Jewelry can make a choice in favor of gold products. The main thing is to be as easy as possible and in miniature.

No less interesting is the red pants with red high-heeled shoes and a black top. black handbag gold chain makes this image more elegant and efficient.

red skinny jeans often choose bold and confident young women. Most of these things are completed leopard jeans. For this suit has not proved too garish and vulgar, it should be limited to only some of predatory shadow. Skinny jeans red-black T-shirt can be worn cardigan black and black heel shoes. A couple of gold and sleek clutch leopard successfully complete picture. If you want to wear a leopard blouse, shoes and handbag in an assembly, you can pick up a brown color.