Automatic garage swing gates

Lifting and swinging doors are an excellent solution for installation in a garage or industrial building. Such a gate will be suitable for those who appreciate not only comfort, but also strength and reliability. Why do we call them lifting-turning?
The fact is that these automatic gates open in such a way that a monolithic (inflexible) steel structure (plate, collar) rises up in the garage or the door of the shop and turns to the ceiling at the same time.

In the open position, the door leaf is parallel to the ceiling. After the gate has “edited” the lifting cycle before you have – completely free access to the garage or to the store. This is a feature of the patented design and pride. Lifting and swinging doors are used for individual applications as well as in industrial applications. they protect perfectly and have a minimum of installation limitations, they combine funny design and excellent reliability.
Garage, warehouse, shop, car wash, service rooms – here is no complete list of places where hundreds of our customers use automatic lifting and turning doors.
Strong masters in the installation of the gate can break their costs when the first time the gate opens and closes without using electricity and automation – believe me, open and close our gate can even get one!