Check the seal is

Before you learn how to install a new garnish, it is important to understand how to check if the gasket is actually burned. Although the seal is usually made of iron or steel to withstand high engine temperatures, it can burn due to factory defects, wear or excessively high temperatures.
In the worst cases, the burning of the gasket can hang on the whole car engine, so it needs to be replaced in its entirety; Also for this reason, regular check of the gasket condition can avoid very strong economic damage.

Symptoms of burnt gaskets may be different, but the main one is definitely an abnormal rise in water temperature. In this case, open the lid and check that there are no oil drops.
If they are, in fact, it is likely to have been caused by excessive pressure caused by a damaged stamp. Despite the presence of oil in the water expansion tank, it is an unequivocal sign of the burnt gasket. Reverse control is also valid if there are oil traces of water is a worrying sign as well as when the car consumes too much engine oil.