Choose a cream according to the individual sensitivity of your skin

Many people suffer from allergic reactions to certain components of cosmetics (for example, collagen or panthenol), and some even do not tolerate the lion’s share of cosmetic products – the skin instantly begins to blush, inflame, flake, itch, etc.

To understand, it is necessary to separate the concepts of an allergic reaction and a hypersensitivity reaction.

If the skin immediately after applying the drug turns red, irritated, you feel a burning or tingling, then you have intolerance of this particular product. In contrast to allergies, in this case it is the skin itself that reacts, and not the immune system. Such a reaction suggests that either this cream does not fit your skin at all, or a combination of cream and tonic or other agents causes such a reaction, or you overdid with frequent changes of makeup, or have applied the product to the skin too abundantly or incorrectly (for example, on wet Skin, not on dry).

Often when using this drug, irritation does not occur even every time. If the skin has already been tired, such as a sudden change in temperature or another overly aggressive drug, a rather strong reaction to a particular cream may appear. But next time, in the absence of other irritating factors, there will be no hypersensitivity reaction at all. Perhaps, you should take a break and apply the product in a slightly smaller amount, and once again carefully study the instructions – and the skin will be in order.