Design features Fire protection doors

The most important prerequisite for the construction of fire protection doors is that the product must have a confirmed fire resistance class. This is the time interval in which the door unit is able to contain the flames and smoke.

The handle on the door before, not the construction of fire doors, but prescribed in the standards test procedures and criteria for fire doors. In the process of product development, our specialists are guided precisely to the parameters specified in the regulations.
The production of fire doors “Doors Pro”

Obviously, for different parts of the plant may require door blocks with a certain set of parameters. Therefore, the company offers its customers fire protection doors in the order of magnitude, all customer requirements are under consideration. For example, to determine the type of construction and dimensions of the door in the first place, since these parameters are largely the cost of the product.

If required, we can order a special fireproof door without a threshold, the design of which is not different from the standard models.