Expansion tanks / tank of compensation

A clearing tank has all the technical characteristics necessary for the development of high temperatures in the event of liquid or gas heating. The temperature increase is then accompanied by an increase in pressure and, therefore, it must be temporarily leveled. Pressure can damage the hoses and gaskets, while heat can endanger the lubrication and cause the pistons to malfunction. Excessive heat under the hood may be detrimental to oil and water circuits. When the engine oil temperature rises and expansion becomes excessive, the leveling is carried out with the oil sump.

Cooling of the radiator takes place through a special compensation tank. It opens every time the system pressure becomes too high. This occurs when the coolant sensor senses a temperature higher than 100 ° C. A temperature of 120 ° C may cause motor failure and piston seizure. This is due to insufficient refrigerant level and therefore the inability to cool the remaining cooling water. Opening the compensation tank valves can only help for a short period of time. The water is then removed from the system, causing the cooling process to become even less effective. The engine compartment heating is inevitable. Under these conditions, the expansion tank can only be a short-term solution. Maintenance is not necessary only when cooling can not occur due to high temperatures during the summer. In this case, just turn off the engine for a few minutes to prevent the accumulation of heat caused by the combustion process. Otherwise, the tank of compensation is almost never exposed to such critical situations.

It is normally used as a support for the power steering as this zone is subject to pressure changes that require different amounts of hydraulic oil. The brake system does not need a clearing tank, but only one storage tank. Increasing pressure would be critical if it is affected by heating. At our online store you will find all the spare parts you need (for example, transmission shaft, direction indicators, butterfly valve, spring, etc.) at an affordable price.