From what age you can use your baby scooter

The Scooter can be the best vehicle for a 4-year-old. On this, the child can not accelerate too much, which means that the risk of falling and injury is reduced to a minimum.
The child’s truth should be taught to look forward and to the side when he rides in the yard on this form of transport (not on wheels or underneath them). Then, in the case of a dangerous situation (for example, you face the risk of a bicycle or other children), the child will be enough to set foot in the direction of slowing down or just jumping off the scooter.

It is better to postpone the purchase until 4-5 years. At this age, children are already well-developed in coordination, they are able to adequately assess the burden on hands and feet. Traveling with a scooter for children aged 4 years and over contributes to the correct formation of the musculoskeletal system of the body.
If your child goes to kindergarten every morning on a scooter, this will only improve his physical fitness. And generally riding on this kind of transport for less traumatic children than, for example, with bicycle or roller skates: a scooter can, at any time, simply jump.