In such cases, a tutor can help, which will save many

It is a well-known fact that children argue with their parents, which, of course, can not but upset. Despite this, such disputes are fundamentally important for the development of the child, as this demonstrates their individuality and the desire to be independent. Sometimes friction occurs when the child is required, for example, to do something in addition to homework or read in addition to the main program.

Yes, it is possible that before the arrival of the teacher the child will have an objection, but a rare child will also vehemently protest against an outsider, who is a tutor. Simply put, the teacher neutralizes the pressure, and you, instead of persuading and shouting with textbooks in your hands, can enjoy a quiet conversation with the child. An important advantage is also that having such an assistant, you will be sure that all homework will be performed by the child on time and without unnecessary hassle and stress – this is important for any busy parent.
To raise the academic interests of your child to a new level and help you decide on the profession

We have already discussed the role of a tutor above and noted that this role is not limited to just learning. In some situations, he can provide the child with information that he does not receive from the school teacher because he does not limit the scope of the school curriculum. If your child wants to really study his subject, the tutor is the same person who can help in this by properly guiding the child. For example, your child shows an interest in physics and astronomy – why not hire him a teacher of astrophysics, who conducts research in this topic? If your child is crazy about the works of Jane Austen, why not arrange a meeting dedicated to the literature of the 19th century with a Cambridge graduate in English literature? If you see such interests in it, they must be encouraged and inspired, perhaps, you raise the next Nobel laureate or Pulitzer Prize winner.