Leather shorts: learn to look stylish

Leather shorts, learn to look shorts stilnoKozhanye – a godsend for the true fashionista, but today, unfortunately, not every woman dares to wear such an item luxury wardrobe. This is due to ignorance of what leather shorts will mix well.

To start, you need to choose the right model of shorts. Leather shorts should not be too short, so such an option must immediately abandon. The best solution would be a model to mid-thigh, but also you can always opt for an elongated versions. This is especially true of high fashionistas.

fair skin shorts should not be tight fitting. Choose a model that will be well encircle the body, but not his fast. For kits everyday suit large leather shorts, but the chosen model should not stand on the body.

From the color scheme is best to choose black, which will allow you to pick up for him a couple of color easily. If black seems boring for you, make a choice in favor of models gray, beige or dark brown. Choosing bright shorts, remember that this option will be visually full and too bright colors can make caller picture and absurd.

Leather shorts may be worn with tights or nylon body shades smoke. From here you can enter boot shoes or shoes with a heel. A good riding here is a shirt or collar. When choosing clothes try to cut the upper torso model that shorts were visible. It can be a variety of fur jackets, short jackets and jackets.

For leather shorts, you can always choose knitting without fear of ruin the picture. Soft blouse shorts will make rude delicate and feminine. A simple solid color T-shirt would be the best look with shorts, if you put on top of a short asymmetrical sweater, cardigan or bolero short knitted comfortable. It may include accessories like mittens and bandages. The main thing that knits good harmony.

A good companion for leather shorts can be a garment denim. Feel free to complete the picture of denim shirts, vests and jackets, and try to cut ballerina shoes, sneakers or boots with a wider top.

leather jackets and vests can be also part of kits with shorts. It is recommended to look at close-fitting jacket. To make such notes daily skin is necessary to dilute the abundance of textile jackets, long shirts, handkerchiefs, silk light or volumetric Berets.

It is interesting to look with leather shorts and kits in military style. To do this, pick up shirt khaki shorts, sunglasses and military style boots with lacing platform.