Repair of gas-distributing mechanism

The main faults of the gas distribution mechanism are: violation of the thermal gaps of the valves; Pulling of the toothed belt, wear of the toothed pulleys; Wear of a chain and asterisks of a drive; Weakening of the camshaft bearing cap fasteners, loose valve closing due to wear of their heads and saddles; Reducing the elasticity of the valve springs, wear of bearings, necks and cams of the camshaft, pushers, pistons and their axles, bushings and valve seats.
As a result of violation of adjustments and wear of the parts of the gas distribution mechanism, knocking and noise are heard while the engine is running, it loses power, there is an increased oil consumption, etc. After checking the technical condition, it is necessary to repair or adjust the timing mechanism.
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Aesthetics office furniture for personnel

Optimize the work of personnel is not possible if the office furniture for the employees chosen unsuccessfully. It is necessary to pay attention to some basic rules on the selection and arrangement of the interior elemetnov. First and foremost, should be enough space Every employee must provide jobs. It is unacceptable if they have to cling to the edge of another table, without being able to freely arrange their documents – it causes anxiety, pain and irritation counterparts. If you have to save space, is a good solution to use office partitions – you can, for example, move a few tables, but it is to separate private work low screens, which in turn is useful for placing stickers with current operational information , etc … it is also important that the office can accommodate all existing documentation – it is convenient to use teams of shelves, which can be extended to a height that is necessary. Unpleasant cheap chairs and tables will not help to save
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Women’s pants – how to choose?

One of the tasks of modern women is the desire for an ideal figure. But, considering themselves in the mirror, many notice shortcomings and remain dissatisfied with their appearance. And what turns an ordinary woman into a real woman? This is the ability to veil your shortcomings and turn them into virtues! To profitably submit yourself, you need to be able to properly choose clothes, and the choice of suitable trousers plays a significant role in creating the image. NameWoman will help you decide how to choose the right trousers
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Budget class of air conditioners

Air conditioners from this group are distinguished by the lowest cost. Management is extremely simple, and there is practically no protection. The user must strictly follow all instructions for use for normal operation of the device and to prevent breakdowns. The minimum number of sensors does not allow the system to maintain the necessary microclimate on its own, it all depends on the user’s actions. Among the manufacturers of such systems can be mentioned LG, Samsung, Midea, Ballu.
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