Protective covers on mattresses and pillows

“Every mattress needs protection” – the motto of protective covers on the mattress on the company Askona. The protection of different accidents:

Spilled fluid Enuresis, pollution by pets, etc.

What are the protective covers? Bed bugs and house dust mites can be robbed with protective covers of a conducive environment.

Parasites, bacteria, skin particles, moisture does not get and does not accumulate in a mattress and pillows, which keeps the slack clean and fresh. Protective covers on the mattress – a great helper for those who choose a healthy, safe sleep for themselves and your loved ones!


Cases retain the appearance of the mattress, prolonging their life.
Covers protect the bed from dirt, moisture and dust mites.
Cases offer free air circulation.
Covers easily clad on the mattress and a flat surface.
Cases of hypoallergenic properties.