Rooms luggage storage at our store

In most cases, even the smallest car is equipped with a dedicated luggage space. Sometimes, the luggage compartment may be very small, just like smart models. Usually, however, she can hold two medium-size suitcases or two beverage containers. Spaciousness can vary a lot, which is why we are talking about a medium size luggage compartment that makes no sense. For example, in the middle class, these volumes range from 250 liters to 500 liters. When a car is equipped with the rear seat, which can be lowered, the space required for this operation is usually added to the volume of the luggage compartment.

Leaving aside small exceptions, in most cases, the luggage compartment is located at the back of the car. It is usually equipped with a similar opening or similar device. Very often choose the sunroof which, thanks to its position, significantly facilitates the loading / unloading operation. To keep the hood in a certain position, use gas springs.