See backpacks

Bags without rigid frame, which resembles its own shape of a bag, comes into the vogue. This combination of sporty and relaxed style casual love entrepreneurial women who have to find time tomorrow in a sports team and after dinner – for a seminar at the university. The big advantage of such models is their large capacity. The materials are again very different – like color solutions.

The combination of two contrasting styles – feminine and aggressive – is still popular and you can. A backpack with the most delicate pink colors, so smooth at first glance, is suddenly decorated with an abundance of rivets, pins and other accessories. Such eclecticism will continue to be relevant in several seasons.

Creating your own picture with the game on shades is very difficult. This backpack model is nothing special, it seems to be a regular mini backpack in a delicate pastel palette. The main focus for it is made on the invoice, this dressing under the skin of reptiles, which unexpectedly combines with delicate shades and petite size bags.