Synthetic duvets – a sensible compromise

If you need a cheap, lightweight and thus the allergen, it must be filled with a synthetic.

Synthetic fillers are now quite a lot.

Synthepon – the most famous of them, but in fact, is not the best. It is not breathable and does not tolerate frequent washing.

Hollofayber differs from syntepon on the starting material for the production, structure and properties.

Hollofayber does not absorb moisture. It serves as a blanket of holofaybera long and does not lose its characteristics over the entire life. It is important to take it easy care of this blanket. It can be washed in a washing machine, and it dries very quickly.
What is better to choose a blanket: tips stars

If you are interested in the opinion of Elena Malysheva, then here she is: the blanket should be filled only with the artificial, of which the best – hollofayber.

His arguments are:

Every organic matter – a great breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. Hollofayber – Wednesday neutral, house dust mites and pathogens do not live in it;
Hollofayber does not absorb moisture and its properties do not deteriorate over time;
Blankets of hollofaybera do not cause allergies.