The internal filter to clean the air inside the vehicle and keep the dust and odors away

In the past, this was only possible with the window closed. However, when temperatures became excessive, they keep open a necessity. The situation has changed with the introduction of the air conditioning system. This placed the focus of the indoor filter because of its importance when the windows are closed. Unpleasant smells can make a journey into the car very hard to bear.

The situation could become unbearable if the driver or the passengers were suffering from pollen allergies. All these problems can be avoided because in the cockpit of harmful particles at the entrance. This also applies in principle to the humidity of the air, since the steam can only be expanded when the water molecules interact with solids. Therefore, the filters are able to leave the cabin air of pollen and moisture. For this purpose, in each filter is a paper filter medium or a soft cloth. Both the materials, as well as easy and inexpensive to replace, they have very effective at stroke also proven very small particles. In addition, some manufacturers also offer filters with activated carbon, which can clean the air more efficiently, especially when wet. However, opening the window is useless when the vehicle is equipped with an air conditioning system has a negative effect on the efficiency produced by filters. When stubborn odors or layers of dust on the dashboard, know that the filter medium is clogged and should therefore be replaced.

In most cases, this is possible without replacing the filters. It is near the fan located behind the dashboard. The whole operation no difficulties. The new filters must be purchased in accordance with the cab size. In our online shop you will find all necessary spare parts (for example, the trunk lid, the fuel pump, lambda sensor, oil temperature sensor, etc.) For the majority of the automobile brands.