Tips for choosing a bikini

When we begin to choose a swimsuit, immediately there are many questions. We need to choose the one in which we feel confident and comfortable, corresponding to the style of life and the level of activity on vacation. And, of course, the swimsuit should be suitable for the type of figure, emphasize its merits and hide the flaws.

Combine the top and bottom

Some women have upper and lower body parts of different sizes, so choosing a dress or a full swimsuit is difficult. The advantage of a bikini is that its parts are often sold separately, so you can choose the top of one size, and the bottom of the other, so that the swimsuit is ideally placed on the figure.

In the store, take in the dressing room at once several copies of different sizes to find the best combination. The purchase of different bottoms and top allows you to diversify the bikini. For example, if you bought black trunks, the bodice too, you can choose black, but you can black in white peas or black with a red floral print or even a monochrome blue.

The styles of the top and bottom of the bikini can also be combined. For example, to choose traditional swimming trunks, and to it two bodices – one with thin outfits for sunburn, and the second with wide straps, convenient during active entertainments.

We emphasize the merits of the figure

You will feel comfortable in a swimsuit only if you know that he shows the figure in a favorable light. Stressing the best features, you thereby distract attention from those parts of the body in which you are not so sure.

For example, if you have a beautiful chest, choose a bodice with decorative details: ruffles or a beautiful buckle in the center. If you want to draw attention to the buttocks, look for melting with ruffles or wrinkles from behind. If you are engaged in the whole winter in the gym and now want to demonstrate a tightened stomach, you will go swimming trunks with a low waist and tie at the sides, attracting the eye.

Color and print are also able to accentuate the dignity of the figure. Put on a bright color or patterned bodice to draw attention to the chest, or the same melting when you need to emphasize the slender hips or the elasticity of the buttocks.

Masking shortcomings

Even if you do not feel confident in a bikini that advantageously shades the dignity, try the style that hides the problem areas. A small chest will seem bigger if you wear a bodice, decorated with beads, wrists or wrinkles. If you want to make short legs visually longer and slimmer, you will be able to use the trunks with a high cut on the hips. And to hide the belly, choose a swimming trunks with a high fit. Reduce the size of the buttocks can be with the help of closed-style swimming trunks, for example, with a skirt or in the form of shorts.


Even choosing an ideal bikini sitting on a figure, it is not always comfortable to walk around the beach or around the pool in one swimsuit. And then accessories will come to the rescue. Instead of wearing a T-shirt and shorts over a swimsuit, supplement the bikini with other wardrobe elements that hide enough body, but still do not hide our perfect swimsuit completely.

A good option – clothes with long sleeves made of transparent hue cloth, contrasting with the color of a bikini. Dress or tunic from the guipure will modestly cover the body, but at the same time the swimsuit will appear in places. If you have a low opinion of your own stomach, hips and buttocks, put on a sarong. Tie it on the hips, leaving the bikini bodice in the spotlight.