Why do athletes wear white uniforms at Wybledon?

Wimbledon tennis tournament every year since 1877 is held on the grass courts of the English suburb of London called Wimbledon. The tournament is one of four Grand Slam tournaments and always attracts the interest of sports fans around the world.

While watching the games of the Wimbledon tournament, the viewer will certainly notice that all athletes wear exceptionally white clothes, which in no way can be a coincidence. Indeed, the dress code of the Wimbledon tournament is one of the most famous in the world of sports and dictates newcomers to perform exclusively in white form.
Roger Federer at the Wimbledon tournament

The origins of this rule should be sought in the aristocratic origins of tennis. Since the middle of the 19th century, tennis has become popular among the aristocracy of the British Empire. Noble sports were attended exclusively by representatives of secular society, so athletes were supposed to appear before the venerable public in an exceptionally white dress that well conceals traces of sweat and wet spots. According to the organizers, if the tennis player wore colored clothes, the protruding spots would look unaesthetic.

England is famous for honoring its traditions. An exception was not the Wimbledon tournament, where for almost a century and a half athletes wear exceptionally white clothes. In the updated rules of the tournament from 2014 it is written that the color trim on clothes can not be more than one centimeter wide, besides the participant’s underwear should also be white.

However, it can not be said that the organizers of the Wimblede tournament are obstinate in all the old traditions. For example, in 2003, the rule of a mandatory bow to the royal box was canceled, if the monarchs came to see the game.