Women’s clothing

Avoid clothing made with soft cloth. This only allocates unnecessary folds, which will accentuate the volume of the figurine. It is best to give preference to clothes placed on a figure of a fabric that retains a good shape.

If you need a clothing strap, then you prefer narrow straps, not too late.
Blouses, sweaters, blouses, shirts

Sometimes recommend: give up t-shirts and t-shirts with thin straps, it is better to choose short sleeve patterns, they distract attention from the chest. And why distract the attention of what is adorned with a feminine figure? The problem is not in the opening of the upper body, but in the fact that the belts are visually shortening the figure. But if a dress or sarafan is long in the floor, then this costume can be worn by ladies with any makeup.

Sweaters and pullovers are largely with a neck V. This will help to extend the neck and visually reduce the volume of the breast. It shows a good set of blouse with a vest or a sweater with a deep V-neck. Deep drainage works the same way.

Do not refill the blouse or blouse in a skirt and pants. Refueling, divide the figure into the lower and upper parts, and this is useless for magnificent volumes. Give priority to the right clothing. These blouses will make a slight emphasis on the waist, not the hips. After all, the emphasis on the hips makes the figure more cumbersome and more cumbersome in appearance.

A pocket blouse will give you extra volume to avoid this, leaving 1-2 disassembled top buttons.